Coaching / Systemic Counseling

During the coaching session we start with your story. I listen to your words and I see what shows through them.

I can help you to become aware of the systems you come from. We all live and work in different relationship systems; our cultural, professional and family systems. Each system creates its own loyalties and different experiences of belonging. These hidden underlying dynamics act like a force field which can dramatically impact our lives.

Together we can look at the dynamics in your life. Dynamics that possibly take energy away and which can be healed. We can discover unhealthy patterns and heal something in the root of the issue.

I work with conversation and depending on your personal interest and issues you would like to change, I might suggest adding a family constellation, meditations or some work with the Medicine Wheel to the coaching sessions. Together we create the therapy that can bring you back to your true essence, joy and the natural movement of life.

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