Family Constellations

We are all part of different cultures and families. Each system creates its own loyalties and different experiences of belonging. These hidden underlying dynamics act like a force field. During a family constellation, we move within that force field.


In a group or individual setting, you can briefly describe your life issue, along with some family facts. You choose others to represent your issue or a family member and place them in the room. In a one on one session, I will represent and channel all the positions. In a family constellation, you are looking at the problem at a whole new level, that’s beyond the individual and beyond the visible. You are invited to work with what is, with less words, less story and deeply powerful insights.


The dynamics underneath your issue are revealed and restructured toward a more balanced, life-giving energy. This movement of honoring trauma and family dynamics that were kept unconscious, makes a palpable difference, often in surprising, liberating ways. 


Family constellations offer wisdom about the depth of our loyalty to family and systemic functioning like no other approach from western culture. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. After a constellation, you stand in a stronger and clearer place. 


We can use a family constellation to look at illness, depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, fears, guilt, persistent anger, meaninglessness, failed relationships, financial difficulties, family violence, addictions, etc.


A family constellation can be a one-time, therapeutic intervention or can be part of your therapeutic process. A family constellation session takes more or less two hours.

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