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Offerings and Ritual

Sr Fransisco y sra Juana.jpg

The stories of the Q'ero in Peru, tell that they are direct descendants of the ancient Inca people. They escaped the Spanish conquistadores to 'villages in the clouds', surrounded by holy mountains. They survived and guarded much of their sacred knowledge, keeping it intact for many centuries.

The Q'ero worship the Cosmic Mother Pachamama. They live in balance with all living things and spirits, through Ayni (reciprocity). Giving is in balance with receiving. They respect and honor the spirit of life around them and understand the energetic balance of Nature.


While I lived in Peru, I had the privilege to spend time next to Sr. Francisco and Sra. Juana, two paqo's from the Q'ero Nation. They taught me to create and use a medicine bundle and they have initiated me. .The years next to them connected me to my true Nature.


I have permission to share the traditional offerings they make to show 

gratitude and to create balance for all that we receive in life. We can make an offering before we plant our seeds, to initiate a land or a new house, to show gratitude and ask for blessings when we are pregnant, getting married or in other important moments in life. It is a beautiful ceremony that helps us to organize and acknowledge our feelings and gratitude. We give for all we have received.

I use my medicine bundle in my day to day life and sometimes it is part of a healing movement during a session.

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