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About me

My intuitive desire to connect with all the layers of life, has always moved me.

In 2003 I left The Netherlands, where I was working as a Social Pedagogy Assistant, to travel to Guatemala. For three years I worked as a teacher, counsellor and volunteer coordinator at a project in a small village. I learned about the problems that poverty brings, alongside a very rich Maya culture, full of ancient knowledge and rituals.

I also met my partner in Guatemala.

In 2003 I was invited by a shaman and Reiki Master to take my first Reiki course. Since then, I have worked with different teachers. To me, Reiki and other ways of working with energy is enriching, an addition to my work as a counsellor and most of all, a way of life. 


In 2007 our twins were born in Peru. We lived in a small community in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, in the Andes, until we moved to Portugal in 2016. 


Peru has shaped me in many ways. I thank the mountains, my partner and my children, my teachers, the Qero shamans, the ceremonies with the Medicine Wheel, plant medicine and life. They showed me ways to heal my past, to heal and honor my ancestors, to connect with the earth, the sky and all in between, to myself and life. I learned to be grateful. 


I have changed my view of 'how things should be' into 'what is'. It helps me to receive every person who comes to my practice, with an open heart.


I have a degree in Social Pedagogical Assistance, and I followed a 4-year Master Course at the Dutch Academy of Counselling and Coaching, where I specialized in systemic counselling, family constellations and ritual. I have worked with different teachers in Guatemala and Peru.

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