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The Medicine Wheel



For centuries, native people have come together around the Medicine Wheel to obtain insight, healing and connection. The wheel I work with has altars in the four directions, and honors the heart of the sky, the heart of Mother Earth, and our own heart. It brings us back to our true nature.

Each altar includes a part of ourselves and the world around us. Every part of us and of life has its own place on the Medicine Wheel. At the same time there is always movement, as in Nature.

The Medicine Wheel covers all aspects of life; our mental and emotional patterns, the connection with our origins, with the body, the elements, with pleasure and guilt, with power and fear, male and female energy, life and death. It provides insight into duality and helps us to move towards a life with more energy and connection from the heart.

During a workshop we can gain insight and heal in different ways. We will be sharing in the circle, and we can use prayer, guided meditations, energy healing, coaching and rituals to connect with the elements and different parts of our lives. The medicine wheel gives us the structure for the work and the space to move in.


I sometimes use the knowledge of the Medicine Wheel in a coaching session or family constellation, when it may give us more clarity and insight in the issues presented.  

I have learned to heal with this Medicine Wheel with my teacher Alonso del Rio.

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